David J. Wachowich Q.C., LL.B., B.A., Partner

David offers experienced legal counsel in all aspects of civil litigation. He has focused primarily on insurance litigation, and, more recently on corporate litigation, general aviation, contracts, intellectual property, professional liability and international disputes.

David has represented insurers and others in civil actions since the mid-1980’s, particularly in the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta and the Alberta Court of Appeal, but as well in British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Ontario, Newfoundland, Colorado, Washington and California. He has acted as commission counsel in public hearings convened to investigate electoral irregularities. Further, he has appeared in numerous mediations.

Professional Affiliations

Student Member, Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn, London, 2017 and forward

Fellow, American College of Trial Lawyers, 2013

American Bar Association, 2010 and forward

Cambridge Lectures Participant, Canadian Institute of Advance Legal Studies, Cambridge, England, 2007

Alberta Director, Canadian Defence Lawyers, 2000-2003

Executive Committee Member - Milner Fenerty 1993-1996

Law Society of Alberta Committee Member, 1993-1995 Civil Practice Advisory, 1996-1999 Professional Responsibility

Edmonton Bar Association Director, 1986-1989

President of the Law Student’s Association, University of Alberta Class of 1983

  • Counsel Disqualification – McMullen v Norton Rose Fulbright LLP et al, ABQB Apr 27 2018 (Horner, J.)
  • Insurance Act Umpire Appraisal Award review – State Farm v 143225 Alberta Ltd., ABCA, Apr 18 2018 (Wakeling J., et al)
  • Intervenor status – On-ice Injuries: Henderson v Wideman, Calgary Sports d.b.a. Calgary Flames, et al [NHLPA], ABQB Nov 6 2017 (Wilson, J.)
  • Products Liability - Forum Selection Clause Enforcement – Jurisdiction: Gould Stainless Products Ltd. v. Zorzini S.p.A., Alta. Q.B., October 21, 2013 (Master Laycock)
  • Mining Dispute - Jurisdiction: Piscedda Mining Corporation Inc. et al v Crew Gold Corporation et al , 2011 Yukon Supreme Court Whitehorse Reg. 10-A0090 (Kent, J.)
  • Underinsured Coverage: Olchowy v. ING Insurance Co. of Canada (2011), [2011] I.L.R. I-5180, 2011 ABQB 463, 2011 CarswellAlta 1272 (Strekaf, J.)
  • Municipal liability for roadway design: Southland Transportation Ltd. v Calgary (City) 2008 ABCA 321 (Alta. C.A.), leave to SCC refused March 2009: Steele v Burgos 2010 ABQB 327 (Jeffrey, J.)
  • Contractual Limitation of Liability – Interpretation: FEM02 Water Inc. v Canadian Pacific Railway Company et al, Masters ABQB 2007, ABQB 2009, (Sullivan, J.), and ABCA 2010
  • Medical Malpractice: Rendek et al v Dufresne et al ABQB 2006 (Burrows, J.)
  • Costs Formal Offer: Rendek et al v Dufresne et al ABQB 2006 (Burrows, J.)
  • Civil Jury Trial Application Guidelines: Shaw v Zarn ABQB 2006 (Rooke, J.)
  • Liability Train/Semi-Trailer Collision: Canadian Pacific Railway v Schneider’s Trucking Ltd. (Masters ABQB 2005)
  • Summary Judgment: Marion v Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company (2005) ABQB 281, 2005 CarswellAlta 487 (Alta. Q.B.), Alta. C.A.
  • Inspection Procedure: Aftergood v Alberta (Minister of Municipal Affairs) (2005) ABCA 170, [2005] A.J. No. 706 (Alta. Q.B.)
  • Professional Liability, Pre-Trial Matters: Berglund-Jaster v Vincelli ABQB 2004 (Kent J.)
  • Property Loss, Counterclaim, Procedure: Marion v Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company (2003) ABQB 767, 22 Alta. L.R. (4th) 107 (Alta. Q.B.), Marion v Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company (2004) ABCA 213, 354 A.R. 12, 329 W.A.C. 12, [2004] I.L.R. 1-4317, 27 Alta. L.R. (4th) 201, 11 C.C.L.I. (4th) 52, [2004] 9 W.W.R. 533, 2004 CarswellAlta 900 (Alta. C.A.)
  • Liability, Quantum: Jones v Cheesebrough (2003) ABQB 196, 2003 CarswellAlta 383 (Alta. Q.B.), [2003] A.J. No. 324
  • Negotiable Instruments, Promissory Note: Pembridge Insurance v Jones ABQB 2003 (Lomas, J.)
  • Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia: Byron v Cabrera (2003) ABQB 347, [2003] A.J. No. 528 (Alta. Q.B.)
  • Quantum: Peters v Stirling [2001] A.J. No. 1232 (Alta. Q.B.)
  • Liability: Marchand and Wagstaff v Johnston, Allied (2001) CarswellBC 2607, 2001 B.C.S.C. 1375
  • Summary Judgment, Indemnity Claim: McAvoy v Pied Pickle ABCA 2000
  • Appeal on Liability: Evans v Aschacker  ABCA 1999
  • Damages Assessment: Tiberio v Al-Houari ABQB 1999 (Lovecchio, J.)
  • Duty to Defend: ESA Holdings Ltd. v Royal Insurance Company (1998)  CarswellAlta 449, 223 A.R. 127, 183 W.A.C. 127 (Alta. C.A.)
  • Hotelkeeper's Liability: Temple v T&C Motor Hotel Ltd. et al (1998) CarswellAlta 86, 213 A.R. 362 (Alta. Q.B.)
  • Motor Vehicle - Liability: Evans v. Aschacker ABQB 1998 (McIntyre, J.)
  • Policy Coverage: Canada West Insurance Company v Weiss (1996), 41 Alta. L.R. (3d) 429, 36 C.C.L.I. (2d) 249, [1996] 9 W.W.R. 386, 188 A.R. 171, [1997] I.L.R. 1-3387 (Alta. Q.B.)
  • Liability: Regina v Aschacker (Alta. Prov. Ct.)
  • Gross Negligence, Intervenor Costs: Jones v Green & Klopp (1995), 26 Alta. L.R. (3d) 268, 9 M.V.R. (3d) 115, [1995] 4 W.W.R. 118, 162 A.R. 217, 83 W.A.C. 217 (Alta. C.A.)
  • Coverage and Defence Obligations, Conflict: P.C.S. Investments Ltd. v Dominion of Canada General Insurance Co. (1996), 37 Alta. L.R. (3d) 38, 34 C.C.L.I. (2d) 113, 178 A.R. 274, 110 W.A.C. 274, [1996] I.L.R. 1-3308 (Alta. C.A.)
  • Statute of Frauds, Injunction: Lobsinger v Isbister [1995] A.J. No. 374 (Alta. C.A.)
  • Duty to Defend: P.C.S. Investments Ltd. v Dominion of Canada General Insurance Co. (1994), 18 Alta. L.R. (3d) 270, 25 C.C.L.I. (2d) 119, 153 A.R. 187, A.J. No. 204 (Alta. Q.B.)
  • Personal Injury, Damages: Ferguson v Varzari (1994), 156 A.R. 33 (Alta. Q.B.)
  • Medical Evidence: Bilinski v Wangerin (1993) 15 Alta. L.R. (3d) 100, 147 A.R. 211, [1994] 3 W.W.R. 379, 27 C.P.C. (3d) 346, A.J. No. 1019 (Alta. Q.B.)
  • Underinsured Motorist Insurer Entitlement to Defend: Jones v Green and Klopp (1993), 149 A.R. 63, 63 W.A.C. 63, A.J. No. 954 (Alta. C.A.)
  • Paraplegic-Liability and Damages: Jones v Green and Klopp (1993), 15 Alta. L.R. (3d) 26, 147 A.R. 1999, A.J. No. 1023 (Alta. Q.B.)
  • Injunction: Richards v Liberal Party of Canada ABQB 1993 (Virtue, J.)
  • Motor Vehicle Accident-Liability, Damages:  Korpela v March (1993), 9 Alta. L.R. (3d) 117, 138 A.R. 179 (Alta. Q.B.)
  • Personal Injury, Occupiers' Liability, Damages: Carlson v Maxwell Taylor's Restaurant Ltd. [1993] A.J. No. 647 (McLoed, J.)
  • Motor Vehicle Liability: R. v Evans (1993), 44 M.V.R. (2d) 274, [1992] A.J. No. 124 (Alta. Prov. Ct.)
  • Personal Injury Damages: Smith v Armstrong (1991), 1 Alta. L.R. (3d) 13, 123 A.R. 285 (Alta. Q.B.)
  • Dangerous Driving: R. v Hyslop ABQB 1992
  • National Parks Property Lease: Kurdar Holdings Ltd. v Attorney General Canada ABQB 1991 (Brennan, J.)
  • Wills Interpretations: Re Gardner Estate [1991], 85 Alta. L.R. (2d) 119, A.J. No. 1247 (Alta. Q.B.)
  • Specific Performance – Aircraft Sale: Sunflower Airlines (Fiji) Inc. v. King Air, (1990) Alta. QB, (Montgomery, J.)
  • Waiver and Estoppel: Ryl v Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Co. (1988) Alta. L.R. (2d) 281, 32 C.C.L.I. 1, 91 A.R. 163, [1988] I.L.R. 1-2362 (Alta. Q.B.)
  • Contract, Injunction: Reed and Manderich v Canadian Football League (1988) 62 Alta. L.R. (2d) 347 (Alta. Q.B.), [1988] A.J. No. 1236
  • Waiver of Privilege: Warwick v Associated Engineering Services Ltd. [1988] A.J. No. 461 (Alta. C.A.)
  • Strict Liability, Fire Loss, Damages: Schnell v Grande ABQB 1987 (Andrekson, J.)
  • Summary Judgment: Hunchak Estate v Bandura (1987), 83 A.R. 262 (Alta. Masters)
  • Fire Loss: Food Giant Markets Ltd. v Watson Leaseholds Ltd. (1987), 43 C.C.L.T. 152, A.J. No. 1125 (Alta. Q.B.)
  • Northwest Territories Air Crash, Insurer Liability: Inuvik Coastal Airways Ltd. v Madill (1987), 27 C.C.L.I. 27, 43 D.L.R. (4th) 761, 55 Alta. L.R. (2d) 244, 81 A.R. 304 (Alta. C.A.)
  • Striking of Action: Gupta v Halifax Insurance ABCA 1986
  • Labour and Material Payment Bond: Jed Construction Ltd. v Canadian Surety Company (1986), (Alta. Prov. Ct.)
  • Procedure: Clif-Den Holdings Ltd. v Automated Concrete Ltd. (1986), 73 A.R. 236 (Alta. Masters)
  • Arson: Welygan v Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance Company et al [1985] A.J. 386 (Feehan, J.)
  • Paraplegic - Damages: Hohol v Pickering (1984), 30 Alta. L.R. (2d) 333, 51 A.R. 321, [1984] 3 W.W.R. 673 (Alta. C.A.)
  • Security Enforcement: Camco Inc. v Swertz Bros. Construction Ltd. (1984), 33 Alta. L.R. (2d) 69, 56, A.R. 127 (Alta. Q.B.)
  • Presenter, Business Law – Professional Liability Considerations, Legal Education Society of Alberta, Business Law Program, Lake Louise, May 6, 2018
  • >Presenter, Blue Goose Alberta Pond 100th Anniversary Address, Calgary, March 10, 2018
  • Presenter, University of Calgary Law School, Law 508-Negotiation, January 2018
  • Presenter, "Neuroscience as Expert Evidence in Canadian Courts", co-authored by David Wachowich and Jared Craig, Craig Law Firm, Legal Education Society of Alberta, Civil Litigation Program, Lake Louise, April 28, 2014

    Presenter, with forensic engineer Craig Good, Collision Analysis, "The Retainer and Instruction of an Accident Reconstruction Expert", co-authored by David Wachowich, Craig Good and Michael Oxman, Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers Association, Calgary/Edmonton, March 10/12, 2014

    Presenter "From Below the Earth to Around the World: Managing the Multijurisdictional Issues Related to Pursuing Mining Claims in the Mining Industry", paper entitled An Introduction to Recent International Mining Project Expropriations, American Bar Association: International Law Section, Dublin, Ireland, October 12, 2011

    Presenter, “Specific Legislative Changes to Alberta Automobile Insurance”, re Bill 11, paper delivered to Legal Education Society of Alberta, Edmonton and Calgary, November 13 & 20, 2008

    Presenter, “Medical Negligence in Alberta: General Principles and The Failure to Diagnose, Inform, and Refer”, March 27, 2007

    Presenter, “Minor Injury & No Fault Legislative Changes: Overview and Comment (Bill 53)”, paper delivered to the Legal Education Society of Alberta, September 14 & 21, 2004

    Presenter, “Recent Cases on Damages Assessment”, paper delivered to the Canadian Defence Lawyers Western Regional Meeting, Calgary, November 20, 2003

    Chair, Legal Education Society of Alberta, Document Production Update Seminars, Edmonton and Calgary, January 22 & 29, 2003

    Presenter, “Pre-Trial Waiver of Privilege and Disclosure of an Expert’s File in Alberta”, paper delivered to Canadian Institute, December 9 & 10, 2002

    Co-Chair, Canadian Defence Lawyers Western Regional Meeting, Calgary, Alberta, “Current Defence Issues”, November 8, 2001

    Presenter, “Inter-jurisdictional Issues: The Alberta Perspective”, paper delivered to the Canadian Defence Lawyers Western Regional Meeting, Vancouver, British Columbia, March 29, 2001

    Chair, Canadian Bar Association Alberta Branch Mid-Winter meetings, Insurance Law Panel Presentation, January 28, 2000

    Panelist, LEXPERT, Difficult Spinal Cord and Nerve Damage Claims seminar, October 21, 1999

    Presenter, Alberta Association of Insurance Adjusters, Kananaskis Convention Address, May 28, 1999

    Presenter, "Bad Faith, Section B files, and Whiten v. Pilot”, paper delivered to the Canadian Insurance Claims Managers Association meetings, Red Deer, April 28, 1999

    Presenter, “Trends in Recent Alberta Damages Awards”, paper delivered to LEXPERT, State-of-the-Art personal Injury Damages, April 16, 1999

    Presenter, “Claims Review”, paper delivered to Independent Insurance Brokers Association of Alberta, March 16, 1999

    Presenter, “Case Law Update: Causation and the Butterfly’s Wing”, paper delivered to LEXPERT, Difficult Personal Injury Claims, June 5, 1997

    Presenter, “Report on Advertising”, paper delivered to the Law Society of Alberta, Professional Responsibility Committee, Sub-Committee on Ethics & The New Technology, March, 1997

    Presenter, “Cross-Examination of Treating Physicians: A Defence Perspective”, paper delivered to the Legal Education Society of Alberta, Medicine for Lawyers, September 18, 1996

    Presenter, “Lawyers and Advertising”, paper delivered to the Alberta Association of Insurance Adjusters, April 15, 1996

    Presenter, “Motor Vehicle Accidents Claims Involving Children: Liability Update”, paper delivered to the Canadian Institute, Child Personal Injury Claims, January 8, 1996

    Presenter, “Municipal Liability for Damage from Floods”, paper delivered to the Southern Alberta Insurance Claims Managers Association, January 3, 1996

    Presenter, “Fake Reality Coming to a Courtroom Near You: Admissibility of Computer Animated Accident Reconstruction Evidence”, paper delivered to the Canadian Institute, Accident Reconstruction, September 1995

    Presenter, “Fibromyalgia and Litigation”, paper delivered to University of Calgary, Faculty of Medicine, Continuing Education Seminar for Practising Physicians, May, 1995

    Chair, Legal Education Society of Alberta, Sessional Chair, “Insurance Law Update”, April 23-26, 1995

    Presenter, “Mitigation Update”, paper delivered to the Canadian Institute, Chronic Pain and Personal Injury Claims in Alberta, February 20, 1995

    Presenter, Alberta Association of Insurance Adjusters, Kananaskis Convention Address, May 28, 1993

    Presenter, “Defending Insureds Under Non-Waiver Agreements and Adding Insurers as Third Parties by Order”, paper delivered at the Canadian Bar Association, Insurance Subsection meeting, February 17, 1993

    Presenter, “Recent Developments in the Law on Arson”, International Association of Arson Investigators, March 11, 1992

    Presenter, Alberta Association of Insurance Adjusters, Jasper Convention Address, May 12, 1989

    Recognized by the Canadian Legal LEXPERT Directory, 2018, as "Consistently Recommended" for commercial insurance litigation

    Best Lawyers' 2018 Calgary Insurance Law "Lawyer of the Year"

    American College of Trial Lawyers, Alberta Chair, 2016-2018

    American College of Trial Lawyers, Alberta Vice-Chair, 2014-2015

    Recipient of a 2012 Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, for service to Canada

    Identified in Best Lawyers of Canada, from 2010 forward, as one of Canada's leading lawyers in insurance law, Woodward White Inc.

    Recognized by the Canadian Legal LEXPERT Directory, from 2009 forward, as one of Canada's pre-eminent lawyers in commercial insurance litigation and products liability litigation

    Recommended by Chambers Global: The Guide to the World's Leading Lawyers for Business, from 2010 forward, in the fields of Business Litigation and Dispute Resolution

    Appointed Queen’s Counsel, 2006

    Director – L'Arche Calgary, 2017 and forward

    St. James Catholic Parish Syrian Family Adoption Committee, Finance, 2015-2018

    Calgary Red Mass Organizing Committee, 2015 forward

    St. Thomas More Lawyers Guild of Calgary, 2015 forward

    Member, Savile Club, London, 2014 and forward

    Chair, Laurier Club (Southern Alberta), 2008-2010

    Director of the Alberta Ballet, 2004-2007

    Past President of the Liberal Party of Canada in Alberta, 1999-2001

    Past President of the Honourable Order of the Blue Goose International (Alberta Pond), 2000-2001

    Assistant Coach, Trailswest and Glenlake Minor Hockey Associations

    Assistant Coach, Calgary West Little League baseball

    Coach, Cal-Glen and Tri-West Soccer Leagues

    Assistant Coach, CalWest Bantam Basketball

    Contact Information

    403 776 0505

    Areas of Expertise




    Litigation & Dispute Resolution

    Oil & Gas

    Professional Liability

    Year of Call

    1984 (Alberta)
    2001 (British Columbia)


    University of Alberta, LL.B., 1983

    University of Alberta, B.A. (with Distinction), 1980